Hi, Looking for work? I will be holding Job Interview Coaching sessions ( Dates to be confirmed ) †that contain a lot more information and practice interviews. You may get an opportunity to attend, numbers are limited, more information below.

This page has Valuable Information and you will certainly benefit from attending Coaching sessions, however Honesty, Punctuality, Integrity and hard work is what will keep you in the job if you are successful in being accepted.

seek.com.au †is a good website to find work. Within meters from our Accommodation there are about 350+ factories / workshops and a large shopping centres where you could get a job. Other places that you could apply: Call Centre work, Retail shops, check the websites use Google or other search engine to find the websites. Coles Supermarkets, Safeway, Kmart, Big W, Bunningís, Myer, Target, Harris Scarfe, Are just some examples of large Retail outlets that you could try.

I was previously a Store Manager with Kmart, Coles Supermarkets, Harris Scarfe and Big W and they are good companies to work for.††

Apply on line, print off your application, keep the application number for when you apply in person. You could be more successful if you apply online then print off your resume and your covering letter and write your application number on to the resume or covering letter, then place all of those in to an envelope, go to the place you applied for a job, ask for the manager on duty. If you are successful in getting to see him or her introduce yourself, tell them that you are looking for work and hand them your envelope. If the manager is not available ask for the envelope to be handed to the manager.

Before you go to there, ensure that youíre personal presentation is at its best, neat hair, males should shave and not look scruffy or if you have a beard ensure it is very tidy / trimmed, use deodorant, the clothes should be black pants or skirt for girls, shirt should be white, shoes must be polished and shiny, a suit jacket is a plus but not essential if you donít have above attire be dressed as close as possible to this or purchase this outfit as it is an investment. Even if you are applying for a cleaners job or a kitchen hand dress as if you are looking for the role of the prime minister, a little exaggerated but you get the idea.

Ensure that youíre resume contains your maximum hours available, around the clock 24/7 when you are available.†††††††† Your covering letter must among other things contain reasons why the employer should give you the position.

Donít write something like ď because I like to work for your companyĒ or I need the money, you should not write about why you should be given the job for your benefit but what is the benefit to your potential employer if they give you the job.. †††Why should you be the successful applicant? is a common question asked and other questions are asked to determine why should you be given the job.† The response should be something to the effect, If I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to work for your company or organization I would utilize my friendly and courteous manners in serving customers, I would utilize my ???????? skills / attributes for the benefit of the business, or something similar, four or five points that relate to your skills or attributes that are related to the business needs. Honest, reliable, punctual, well organized, flexible, pick things up easily, a team player, effective communicator are some very important attributes that employers are looking for so if you poses these mention them.

Our tenants and those i know well may use my name as a reference.

If and when you are successful in getting an interview ††Before you go to there, ensure that youíre personal presentation is at its best as listed above. At the interview speak slowly and clearly, look at the interviewer in their eyes, I have noticed that some people tend to speak fast and if pronunciations are not good itís hard to understand. I noticed some people tend to twist their heads sideways instead if nodding up and down when confirming or agreeing, nod or you confuse people or even better speak instead on nodding too much.

I will be holding coaching sessions (dates to be confirmed) for applying for work, practice interviews, dressing correctly and more. My Tenants that have a lease for 6/12 months can attend at no cost for others its $30 for the session includes snacks & to cover venue hire. If you know anyone else that may want to attend you could book them in with you (if numbers allow) anyone that takes up accommodation with us will be refunded the $30. If you want to be invited when the next session is being held please send me an email with your name and names of friends that would like to attend, preference will be given to our tenants. †††††††††††My Mobile Number is 0415138451 My email address is †††studentaccomm1@bigpond.com ††††††If you know anyone that is looking for Accommodation or Coaching in applying for Jobs please give them my email address phone number, the website address where information can be found. ††††††www.studentaccomm.com.au †††Good Luck. Cheers.† Ivan.

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